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Superannuation Legislation Amendment Act 1990. No. 40.

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Social security (general standards); Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
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Amends The Superannuation Act 1922; the Superannuation Act 1976 in respect of definitions, previous relevant employment, eligible employees, etc and by making new provisions under Parts IIA, IVA, VIA, XIII and XIV, respectively entitled Commonwealth Superannuation Board, Retirement on Ground of Invalidity, Productivity Superannuation, Transfers to Approved Superannuation Schemes and Transfers to Superannuation (1990) Scheme; the Superannuation Benefit (Interim Arrangement) Act 1988, in respect of certain definitions, applicability of the Supperannuation Benefits (Supervisory Mechanisms) Act 1990, rates of salaries, continuing contributions and other matters; and the Papua New Guinea (Staffing Assistance) Act 1973.

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