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Social Security Act 1990 (Chapter 27)

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United Kingdom
Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services; Equality of opportunity and treatment; Social security (general standards); Social security (general standards); Disabled workers; Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit; Workers with family responsibilities
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Amends the law relating to social security and to occupational and personal pension schemes; establishes and confers functions of a Pensions Ombudsman and a Registrar of Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes; makes provision for the payment of grants for the improvement of energy efficiency in certain dwellings; and for purposes connected therewith. Amends the Social Security Act 1975 by providing for an attendance allowance for the terminally ill, for an age-related addition to severe disablement allowance and for other matters connected with allowances, invalidity pensions, survivors' benefits, etc. Consequential amendments are made to the Social Security Pensions Act 1975, the Social Security Acts 1975 to 1989, the Industrial Injuries and Diseases (Old Cases) Act 1975 and various other acts.

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