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Screening of Mail Reasonably Suspected of Being Dangerous to Air Transportation or Postal Employees Rule (39 CFR Part 115)

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United States of America
Occupational safety and health; Occupational safety and health; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Amendment allowing the opening (without a search warrant) of any specific piece of mail reasonably suspected of posing an immediate danger to life or limb or an immediate and substantial danger to property, and any necessary examination or treatment of the contents of that piece of mail, without compromising the confidentiality of any correspondence inside mail sealed against inspection. The amendment additionally allows, in threatening situations, the examination but not the opening of defined quantities of mail by any means which can ascertain whether one or more mail articles might contain explosives or other dangerous materials.

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    Date of entry into force

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    Federal Register
    Vol. 55
    No. 233
    Page range
    pp. 50001-50003