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Labour Code, as Amended and Supplemented. No. 167.

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Czechoslovakia (former)
Conditions of work; Education, vocational guidance and training; Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations; General provisions; Occupational safety and health; Social security (general standards); Employment accident and occupational disease benefit; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts; Night work
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This Code, promulgated by the Praesidium of the Federal Assembly, consolidates the codified text of June 16, 1965 as amended by text no.55 of 1975 (SL 1975 - Cz.2), and, among others, by the Act of 26 March 1985 (text no.22), and finally, by the Act of 5 December, 1990 (text no.3 of 1991). The organization of the Code by sections I-X and 1-280, grouped in parts, chapters, and divisions, has been maintained, but the following sections have been repealed: sections I and II (which referred to the workers' society and the socialist republic), s.7 (foreign labour), s.13 (right of workers to appeal), s.21 (socialist competition), s.34 (collective agreements), ss.66 and 67 (facilities granted to elected and appointed workers), s.72 (socialist discipline), ss. 75-81 (appraisal of work performance and disciplinary sanctions), s.99a (power of the government to intervene), s.169 (medical examinations of youths in cooperatives), ss.173 and 174 (extension of workers' liability in the event of injuries), ss.188 and 189 (joint liability and compensation for workers' injuries caused by enterprises), s.201 (third party liability), ss.208-216 (arbitration committees), ss.217-226 (apprenticeship), ss.228 to 231 (final apprenticeship examinations and material assistance for apprentices), s.267a (application of the Code to cooperatives...), and s.268 ( ..and to non-socialist enterprises). On the other hand, the following sections have been added: s.110a to c (lay offs in the event of changes to the enterprise), s.116a (night work), s.141a (compulsory training), s.148a (government obligations in the event of work disability), s.178a and b (social assistance where responsibility is assumed by the worker) and s.193a (reimbursement for occupational injury expenses). Finally, many of the sections that have been retained have been changed considerably.

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    Sbirka Zakonu
    No. 20
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    pp. 746-800