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Social Security Administration Act 1992 (Chapter 5)

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United Kingdom
Social security (general standards); Administration and financing
Law, Act

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Consolidates numerous enactments relating to the administration of social security and related matters; it is comprised of 16 Parts which are divided into 192 sections. Part I concerns claims for and payments and general administration of benefit; Part II is about adjudication under the Act; Part II relates to overpayments and adjustments of benefit; Part IV provides for recovery from compensation payments; Part V concerns income support and the duty to maintain; Part VI deals with enforcement; Part VII concerns provision of information; Part VIII provides arrangements for housing benefit, community charge benefits and related subsidies; Part IX, X and XI deal with alteration of contributions, review and alteration of benefits, and computation of benefits; Parts XII, XIII, and XIV are about finance, advisory bodies and consultation, and social security systems outside Great Britain; and Parts XV and XVI contain miscellaneous and general provisions.

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