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Temporary Removal of Restrictions on Economic Activities Act 1986. No. 87.

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South Africa
Conditions of employment; Conditions of work; Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services; General provisions; Labour administration; Specific categories of workers; Banking, finance, insurance workers; Economic and social policy; Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave; Labour inspection
Law, Act

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Empowers the President to suspend temporarily laws or conditions thereunder with regard to certain undertakings, industries, trades or occupations, or to grant temporary exemptions, if circumstances exist so that the application of those laws or conditions unduly impede economic progress or the creation of job opportunities. Proclamations of this nature require the advice of the Standing Committee established by the Act, after consultation with the Minister of Manpower, when the following matters are involved: registration of employees and of factories, factory inspection, conditions of service and working hours, use of machinery, and health and safety protection. The Act shall cease to have effect on 31 Mar. 1989.

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    Serial title
    Government Gazette
    N. 19422
    Page range
    p. 1-7