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Social Security Act 1987 (Act X of 1987) (Cap. 318).

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Social security (general standards)
Law, Act

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The Act establishes a social security scheme and consolidates existing provisions concerning the payment of social insurance benefits, pensions and allowances, social and medical assistance, non-contributory pensions and the payment of social insurance contributions by employees, employers, the self-employed and the State. In particular, the Act provides for pensions in respect of invalidity, benefits for injury, disablement, industrial injury and disease, unemployment, widowhood, retirement and maternity, children's allowances, and other benefits. Part VII governs the determination of claims and questions, Part IX sets forth the powers of inspectors and Part X deals with enforcement and non-compliance. The Act establishes a Social Assistance Board and a Welfare Committee (Part XI). Fourteen Schedules attached to the Act set forth rates of benefits and contributions, inter alia. Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Old Age Pensions Act 1948, the Director of Social Services Act 1952, the National Insurance Act 1956 and the National Assistance Act 1956 are repealed. Regulations issued under those Acts which are not inconsistent with the provisions of the new Act remain in force (s. 140).

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    Government Gazette, Supplement
    No. 14730
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    pp. A 182-A 279