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Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986. Public Law 99-519 (H.R. 5073).

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United States of America
Occupational safety and health; Protection against particular hazards
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Amends the Toxic Substances Control Act to require the Environmental Protection Agency to promulgate regulations requiring inspection for asbestos-containing material in educational institutions, and related matters. Provides, inter alia, that inspection for asbestos-containing material in school buildings and performance of response actions (e.g. removal, etc.) may be engaged in only by persons who have been accredited upon passing an examination and pursuing continuing education courses on the subject. The examination covers hazard identification, the use of personal protective equipment, appropriate work practices, medical surveillance programme requirements, and related topics. Employees who provide information relating to a potential violation of this Title are protected against discharge or other discrimination (s. 211). The Act sets forth the relationship between local, state and federal governmental bodies as to its implementation and enforcement.

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    U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News
    No. 10
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    22 p.