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Ordinance No. 4214-I to adopt regulatory provisions on the compensation by employers of damages caused to workers in the form of mutilation, occupational disease or any other damage to their health linked with their occupational obligations (Text No. 71).

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Russian Federation
Occupational safety and health
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Contains in annex regulatory provisions in 6 parts. Establishes the principle of the employer's responsibility for any damage, even if it is caused during the way to and from the workplace. Provides for a total compensation, specifies acceptable proofs (testimony, reports of labour insp etcion, medical examinations, etc) and defines cases of shared responsibility as well as calculation procedure of the loss of work capacity. Also provides for several administrative and financial provisions and additional compensations (payment in kind, hospital expenses, etc). Specifies the beneficiaries in the event of death and the declaration procedure. Provides for various cases that can occur during the compensation period (reorganization or dissolution of the enterprise, end of payment obligation, ect). Repealed by Act No. 125-FZ of 24 July 1998 on the compulsory social insurance against occupational accidents and diseases.

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    Vedomosti S''ezda narodnykh deputatov Rossijskoj Federacii i Verkhovnogo soveta Rossijskoj Federacii
    No. 2
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    pp. 163-176