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National Insurance Act.

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Social security (general standards)
Law, Act

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Makes provisions for benefit in the event of sickness, physical defect, pregnancy and birth, unemployment, old age, disability, death and loss of breadwinner. The chapter 2 is consacreted to medical benefit and lay down a list of expenses for different treatments like hearing aids. Chapter 3 contains some provisions about cash sickness benefit such as the conditions of their payments. Chapter 4 is about unemployment benefit such as daily cash benefit during unemployment. Chapter 5 is consacreted to rehabilitation benefit. Chapter 6 makes provisions for the pension benefits which are determined in relation to a basic amount and to the insured person's pensionable income. Chapter 7 is consacreted to old-age pension, chapter 8 to disability pension. Chapter 9 contains provisions about lump-sum death granths. Chapter 10 is about survivors'benefit. Chapter 11 is consacreted to occupational injury benefits. Chapter 12 provides for benefits unmarried mothers ant the conditions of their payments. Contains some provisions about claims for benefits, notification, examination, limitations and loss of right. Makes provisions for the payment and the financing. Chapter 17 makes provisions for the determination of pensionable income and pension points assessment of contributions. Available in English.

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