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Act amending the Labour Code. Text 201.

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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Law, Act

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The Act amends Part XI (Collective Agreements) of the Labour Code (LS 1974 - Pol. 1A, 1B). It provides, inter alia, that the Labour Minister shall register the collective agreements after verifying their conformity with the legislation and with the social and economic policy of the State (s. 241-7, subsecs. 1 to 2). If the Labour Minister discovers an incompatibility with such requirements, either party may ask the Supreme Court to settle the dispute (subsec. 3 of the same section) or may submit the dispute to a Committee which shall be formed from representatives of the Government and the competent national trade union organisation (subsec. 4). If the registration is refused, the parties concerned shall renegotiate a collective agreement (s. 241-13, subsec. 3). The Act also prescribes that the Council of Ministers shall determine, in consultation with the national trade union organisation, the trades in which collective agreements may be concluded (s. 238, subsec. 2). Available in English.

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    Dziennik Ustaw
    N. 42
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    p. 609-612