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Law No. 38 of 1964 concerning Labour in the Private Sector

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
Law, Act

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Consists of 15 Chapters and 98 articles. Chapter I provides for scope of law's implementation. Chapter II concerns migration and work permit. Chapters III and IV deals with employment and contracts. Chapters V and VI regulate employment of juveniles and women. Chapters VII and VIII govern wages and hours of work and leave. Chapter IX concerns working conditions. Chapter X deals with work regulation and penalties. Chapter XI regulates expiry of labour contracts and terminal indemnity. Chapter XII provides for compensation for labour accidents and industrial diseases. Chapters XIII and XIV regulate organisations of labourers and employers, and conciliation and arbitration of collective labour disputes. Chapter XV deals with general matters. This Law supersedes the Private Sector Labour Law of 1959, the Amiri Decree No. 43 of 1960 and Law No. 1 of 1961.

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    Business Laws of Kuwait (regular update)
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    Separate copy, as amended to 1997