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Employment Service Law, 5719-1959 (consolidated text).

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
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Consists of 6 Chapters and 92 sections. Chapter 1 provides for the organisation of the Service. Chapter 2 concerns resort to, and modes of operation of, an Employment Service Bureau. Chapter 3 deals with skilled workers. Chapter 4 regulates private bureaus. Chapters 5 and 6 govern financial matters and implementation and penalties. Establishes an Employment Service for the collection of information as to the situation and trends of development in the labour market with a view to regulating it; it shall concern itself, through the employment service bureaus (established under this Law), with obtaining employment for those seeking personnel, and shall cooperate with other bodies in matters of vocational training and vocational guidance. The Employment Service shall also concern itself with advising work-seeking young persons on the choice of an occupation and directing them to suitable work, and shall maintain a follow-up of their placement and continuance in employment. Repeals section 25(a)(4) of the Wage Protection Law, 5718-1958.

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    Labour Laws
    State of Israel, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Department of Labour Relations
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    pp. 21-42