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National Vocational Training Act, 1994 (No. 18 of 1994)

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Education, vocational guidance and training
Law, Act

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Regulates the training of apprentices and vocational trainees. Provides for the establishment of a Vocational Training Board and trade advisory committees. The powers, duties and functions of the Board shall be, inter alia, to advise the Minister generally or in respect of any particular case, in relation to (i) matters arising from or in connection with the application of the Act and (ii) any matter connected with or affecting vocational training; to establish minimum standards of vocational training; to co-ordinate, encourage, facilitate and promote vocational training activities by private or public institutions in respect of agriculture, industry and commerce at all levels of vocational qualifications; and to assess vocational training needs and undertake research and conduct investigations relating to vocational training and the design, planning and adaptation of training schemes. Provides for the establishment of a National Trade Testing and Certification Centre for testing and certification of apprentices, and for the registration of vocational training centres.

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    Government Gazette
    No. 933
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    pp. 1-55