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Act on Equality for Men and Women (Second Act on Equality)

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Equality of opportunity and treatment
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Section one is comprised of the Act concerning the advancement of women and compatability of family and occupation in the Federal Administration and the Federal Courts (Advancement of Women Act). The purpose of the Act is to promote the advancement of women with due regard for the priority of qualifications, ability and work performance. An aim of the Act is also to increase the proportion of women meeting the above conditions in fields where fewer men than women are employed. In addition, compatibility of family and occupation for both men and women is also promoted. Applies to all public servants, workers undergoing training, other holders of office, and officials in public legal office such as judges. Requires that workplaces establish a plan every three years for the advancement of women, and facilitate the combination of work and family responsibilities for those on leave for family reasons. All workplaces with over 200 workers must include a woman on the Staff Committee, who shall be part of the administration. Her responsibility shall be to supervise and promote the application of this Act, and she may complain to managment regarding infringements thereof. Sections 2-10 provide for consequential amendments of other legislation. Section 10 is comprised of the Act to protect the employed from sexual harassment (Employee Protection Act), whose purpose is to safeguard the dignity of men and women by protecting them from sexual harassment. Applies to employed persons in the private and public sectors, including the military. Section 11 provides for the Act concerning the appointment of women and men to committees within the Government (Government Committees Appointment Act), whose purpose is to attain equal representation for men and women on such committees.

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    No. 39
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    p. 1406-1415