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Immigration and Nationality Technical Corrections Act. Public Law 103-416 (H.R. 783)

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United States of America
Migrant workers
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Provides for changes in Title III of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The amendments concerning nationality and naturalization provide for equal treatment of women in conferring citizenship to children born abroad; the regaining of U.S. citizenship by former U.S: citizens; an expansion of the waiver of the Government knowledge, U.S. history and English language requirements for naturalization; and for related matters. Other amendments involve technical corrections of immigration laws regarding such matters as grounds for deportation and exclusion, fines for unlawfully bringing aliens into the country and extension of off-campus work authorisations for students.

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    Serial title
    U.S. Code Congressional and Administrative News
    No. 9
    Page range
    pp. 108 STAT. 4305-4324