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National Social Security Authority (Pension and Other Benefits Scheme) (Amendment) Notice, 1994 (No.1) (S.I. 193 A of 1994)

Main Region

First Region

Social security (general standards); Administration and financing
Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

Second Region

Empowers the Ministry of Public Service, Employment, and Social Welfare to fix the rate of disability pension of workers on whose behalf social security contributions have been paid for more than 12 months. Gives retired workers whose contributions have been paid the right to a periodical payment of their retirement pension. Sets retirement age at 65 years, but allows workers in ardous working conditions to retire upon their attainment of the age of 55; provides for cases in which contributions should be refunded; allows funeral grants; and regulates the payment of concurrent benefits under different schemes.

Serial region

    Serial title
    Government Gazette, Supplement
    Page range
    pp. 920A-920F