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Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (No 62 of 1994).

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Western Australia
Occupational safety and health; Specific categories of workers; Mining and quarrying workers; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
State or Province
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

Provides comprehensive regulations governing safety in mining operations in 17 Parts. Part 2 governs the designation of employee's inspectors, health and safety representatives, and the issuing of certificates of competency for managers. Division 4 of Part II provides for a Mines Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Board. Part 3 regulates matters relating to the management of mines, including the inspection of the workplace and the provision of health surveillance. Part 4 provides general safety requirements, including the maintanence of first aid equipment and an emergency plan. Part 5 governs the use of electricity in mines. Part 6 regulates the use of certain types of plant in mines. Part 7 governs matters relating to occupational health in mines, including noise control, sanitation, and hazardous substances. The use of explosives and the control of dust are treated in Parts 8 and 9. Part 10 provides specific regulations, inter alia prohibiting persons under 18 from working underground and requiring underground workers to read and speak English. Part 11 through 15 relate to specific mining operations such as dredging and shaft sinking. Part 16 governs radiation safety. Made under Mines and Safety Inspection Act 1994.

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    Western Australian Government Gazette, Special
    No. 169
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    285 p.