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Act to amend the Hazardous Products Act and the Canada Labour Code [LS 1965 - Can. 1A... 1971 - Can. 1], to enact the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act and to amend other Acts in relation thereto. Chapter 30.

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Occupational safety and health; Tripartite consultations; Protection against particular hazards
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This Act amends several provisions of the Labour Code, concerning in particular the definition of hazardous substances (Part II, s. 3) and the obligations they imply for employers (Part II, s. 5). It also amends the Hazardous Products Act, especially regarding methods of manufacturing and preparing such products (containing an amended appendix listing the categories of products in Part I). The amendment promulgates (in Part III) the Hazardous Materials Information Review Act, which establishes a system of review and appeals of decisions taken by screening officers. The new Act sets up the Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission (Part III, ss. 28 et seq.), which includes two workers' representatives.

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    Serial title
    Gazette du Canada/Canada Gazette
    Vol. 10
    No. 3, Part III
    Page range
    pp. 809-856