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Social Code - Book V - Statutory Health Insurance

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Social security (general standards); Medical care and sickness benefit
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Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB) - Fünftes Buch (V) - Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung
Amends the Fifth Book of the Social Code dealing with health care and provides comprehensive regulations governing health insurance and health care. Inter alia, provides regulations concerning health care benefits, administration of health care and insurance programs, and sets forth fines for violations of the Act. S. 1 stipulates that insured persons are partially responsible for their health and should participate actively in preventative medicine and lead "health conscious" lives. Insurance companies shall provide information and access to preventative medicine. Defines which persons are obliged to have insurance. Ss. 44 through 51 provide for cash sickness benefit, including in cases when the illness of a dependent child requires absence from work. Also amends numerous other legislative texts, including the Reich Insurance Ordinance, and the First, Fourth and Tenth Books of the Social Code.

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    Serial title
    Bundesgesetzblatt, Part I (photocopy)
    No. 62
    Page range
    pp. 2477-2597