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Constitution of Mauritius, 1968 (as amended to 1994).

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General provisions; Constitutional law

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Chapter II sets forth fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to life (except in cases of death penalty), liberty, thought and expression; these rights shall be enjoyed equally without regard to race, origin, creed or sex. Sections 6 and 7 provide protection from forced labour, slavery and inhuman treatment. Emergency powers are provided in s. 18. Chapter III relates to citizenship. Chapters IV-X cover branches of the government, including the post of the Governor-General, the Parliament, the Executive, the Judiciary, and the post of the Ombudsman. Also contains the texts of 11 subsequent amendments to the Constitution. Act. No. 14 of 1983 amends s. 8, relating to the right to private property. Act No. 48 of 1991 creates the Republic of Mauritius, and adds a new Chapter IV to the Constitution, replacing the post of Governor-General with a President and Vice-President. Act No. 26 of 1994 amends s. 5, allowing deprivement of personal liberty in certain cases of drug offenses. Includes amendments through Constitution of Mauritius (Amendment) Act 1997 (No. 5).

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    Constitutions of the Countries of the World
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