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Occupational Safety and Health Regulation (L.N. No. 332 of 1997) (Cap. 509A).

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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Occupational safety and health
Non-Metropolitan Territories
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Part II sets forth responsibilities of employers in relation to safe use of plant. Dangerous machinery must be guarded and not serviced by young workers. Part III covers fire precautions, and Part IV deals with workplace environment, including matters related to ventilation and lighting. Part V regards hygiene at the workplace, and Part VI requires the maintenance of first aid facilities at the workplace. Part VII covers manual handling operations. Employers shall assess risk of manual operations and provide adequate training.

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    Serial title
    Hong Kong Government Gazette, Legal Supplement No. 2
    Vol. CXXXIX
    No. 25
    Page range
    pp. B2346-B2389