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Order No. 12 of 18 December 1996 of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on the type of specialized care services and qualifications of persons providing such services to mentally disabled persons, on conditions and procedures of fixing and charging fees for such services, as well as on conditions for partially or totally waiving such fees.

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services; Disabled workers
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Defines types of specialized care services adapted to particular needs arising from the type of sickness or disability. Such services cover social integration measures, medical care, physical rehabilitation, psychological, pedagogical, educational and therapeutic support, and housing assistance. Persons providing such services must be accordingly qualified and have a minimum of six months working experience in a psychiatric care institution or in an institution concerned with social assistance for mentally disabled persons. Fees charged for specialized care services are defined by separate legislation. Waivers from fees are admitted under certain conditions, inter alia, when a disabled person benefits from more than one such service, when relatives of a disabled person are under medical, psychiatric, hospital or social care, and if more than one relative benefits from specialized care services.

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    Dziennik Ustaw
    No. 2
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    pp. 20-21