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Resolution No. 90-CP on the direction and policy of socialization of educational, medical and cultural activities.

Main Region

First Region

Viet Nam
Education, vocational guidance and training; Social security (general standards); Medical care and sickness benefit
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

Provides general guidelines on the socialization of medical, educational and cultural services so as to achieve social equity in these fields: "the whole leaves protecting the torn ones." The Resolution encourages the development of private and semi-state schools. Vocational training schools shall be transformed from state to semi-state institutions. Certain branches of vocational training may be directly attached to state companies; major companies shall be allowed to establish post-graduate schools to develop personnel. The Resolution also encourages semi and full privatization of medical services. Health insurance shall be reformed so as to, inter alia, end discrimination between payers of hospital fees and payers of health insurance.

Serial region

    Serial title
    Cong Bao [official English translation]
    No. 18
    Page range
    pp. 3-7