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Order [of 8 August 1997) of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy concerning delivery of decisions on disability to work for benefits-related purposes (Text No. 612).

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Occupational safety and health; Occupational safety and health; Social security (general standards); Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit; Protection against particular hazards
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Confers the power to deliver decisions regarding work disability upon the Social Insurances Institution. Decisions regarding work disability are to be delivered by an expert medical doctor within the Social Insurances Institution after an individual medical examination and upon available medical data regarding the worker applying for work disability benefits. The procedure whereby such decisions are delivered shall be supervised by the Head medical doctor of the Institution on behalf of the Chairman of the said Institution.

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    Date of entry into force

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    Dziennik Ustaw
    No. 99
    Page range
    pp. 3147-3150