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Amendment of the Hours of Work Act and the Act on weekly rest periods and statutory holidays (No. 46).

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Conditions of work; Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
Law, Act

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Amends provisions regarding arrangement of working time. Allows normal working time to be shortened or lengthened to permit more felxible free time. In shift work, the normal working time can be extended up to 12 hours, as long as an average of 40 hours a week is maintained. S. 5 provides that works agreements or enterprises not subject to a collective agreement may extend normal working time to 60 hours a week in the case of "on call" workers (Arbeitsbereitschaft). Also provides for overtime pay, maximum hours of work, rest periods for truck drivers, and the use of working time credit systems, whereby workers can save up extra hours of work.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt I
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    pp. 439-450