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Decision of 16 March 1998 on the conditions, criteria, levels, means and procedure for the adoption and implementation of the right to social monetary assistance (Text No. 394).

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First Region

North Macedonia
Social security (general standards); Social assistance and services
Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

Second Region

Provides that the assistance is fixed according to the level of poverty and the size of the family. Defines various types of assistance depending on the situation of the beneficiary (section 8). Also fixes categories of persons excluded from assistance (section 13). Beneficiaries of social assistance can be professionally engaged (seasonal job, temporary job) except pensioners; persons who can prove that they are unable to work because of old age, disability or illness; and pupils and students.

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    Date of entry into force

Serial region

    Serial title
    Sluzhben Vesnik
    No. 15
    Page range
    pp. 815-818