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Public Services Act. Chap. 271 (Act 23/1971), as amended by Acts 6/1972 and 39/1973, as amended by Acts 6/1972 and 39/1973).

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Conditions of employment; Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
Law, Act

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Provides for the establishment, functions, powers, duties and responsabilites of the Public Services Board. Sets the conditions of service of certain employees of the State (classification of officers, appointments, probation, established officers, promotion, transfer, secondment, duties, retirement, resignation, reappointment, discharge, persons under contract, cession of salary, etc.). A Schedule lists acts of misconduct. Subsec. 40(1) provides. "The Minister, on the recommendation of the Board, may recognize associations of officers, associations of employees and associations of officers and employees." The Board may consult with the association on matters affecting the general efficiency, well-being and administrative of the service or the interests of the members of the associations as the Minister may specify (s. 40(2)). The Act also concerns administrative and related matters in regard to the public service.

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    Serial title
    Statute Law of Rhodesia (revised ed.)
    Vol. 9
    Page range
    p. 205-227