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Wage Limitation Act (BVG) (No. 64/1997).

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Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
Law, Act

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A comprehensive Act which comprises: the Constitutional Act on the limitation of wages of public servants; the Act on the wages of higher officials of the Federal Republic, members of the National Council, Federal Council, and Austrian members of the European Parliament; Constitutional Act amending the Constitution and the Transitional Act of 1 October 1920 in the version of BGBl. No. 368/1925; and the Act amending the Incompatability Act 1983, Wage Act, Civil Service (Employment) Act 1979, Salary Act 1956, Pension Act 1965, State Theatre Pension Act, Judge Employment Act, Provincial Teacher Act 1984, Provincial Agricultural Teacher Act 1985, Parliament Employee Act, Constitutional Court Act 1953, Administrative Court Act, Chamber of Labour Act 1992, Pension Fund Act, General Social Security Act, Civil Servants Sickness and Accident Insurance Act, Notary Insurance Act 1972, and the Public Attorney Act 1982. The amendments concern wages and social security benefits of public servants.

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    Serial title
    Bundesgesetzblatt, Part I
    No. 64
    Page range
    pp. 863-893