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Workmen's Compensation Act (R.S.A. c. W30) (No. 24 of 1956)

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Antigua and Barbuda
Social security (general standards); Employment accident and occupational disease benefit
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Workmen's Compensation Ordinance
Establishes the conditions under which employers are liable or not liable for compensation. Specifies the amount of compensation, additional payments required on the part of the employer, the method of calculating wages, distribution of compensation in the event of death, procedures for medical examination, and compensation for occupational disease. Makes provision regarding insurance. Makes it unlawful to employ an uninsured worker. Specifies the conditions under which liability for payment by the insurer arises. States that all employers shall be registered and sets out the relevant procedures. Includes regulations on alternative remedies and on cases of insolvency or bankruptcy of an employer. Applies the Ordinance to government employees, local authority employees and to persons employed on ships. Makes explicit application procedures and requirements.

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    Official Gazette
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    pp. 3423-3462