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Labour Inspection Order (no. 435 4/11/1404 H.)

Main Region

First Region

Saudi Arabia
Labour administration; Labour inspection
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

Regulates health and safety in fields of employment in which workers are exposed to lead and the possibility of lead poisoning. Defines the employments where workers are exposed to lead and the possibility of lead poisoning. Establishes the specific provisions employers must make in order to mitigate the possibilities of lead poisoning. These include inter alia, making workers aware of the dangers of lead poisoning and the means they have for protection, guaranteeing the safety of workers by using machinery which does not emit lead fumes, ensuring that lead particles are limited to 0.15 mg per metre cubed of air, and by placing machinery which uses lead at a safe distance from workers. Also prohibits the employment of workers under eighteen years of age in areas of work whereworkers are exposed to the threat of lead poisoning. Legislates that protective equipment must be made availableto workers. Provides for the periodic medical examination of workers to test for lead poisoning and the conditions of such medical examiniations. Requires employers to take all necessary measures in order to treat those workers who have been diagnosed with lead poisoning.

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