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The State Service (Disability Benefit) Act, 1971 (Cap. 274)

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Social security (general standards); Employment accident and occupational disease benefit
Law, Act

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Provides for the payment of compensation on the death or injury of persons employed by the state and arising from official duties. Part One governs benfits and the application of the act. Provides for the conditions under which persons are entitled to benefits and the time within which compensation may be claimed. Allows for remedies against both the state and third parties. Part Two establishes the Disablement Benefits Board to determine the entitlement of persons to receive compensation. Establishes the Disablement Benefits Appeal Board to hear appeals. Sets the powers and duties of these boards and the implications of board decisions. Part Three governs compensation for disablement. Regulates the assessment of the degree of disablement and the amount of disablement pension. Provides for medical examinations and treatment. Regulates medical expenses. Provides for inter alia, compensatory sick leave and sick pay, widow's and child's pensions, funeral expenses, clothing, children, and educational allowances. Part Four makes general regulations. Regulates the payment of reduced compensation if an injury occured to a person with a pre-existing disablility or condition. Governs assessment of earnings. Provides for payment procedures in the case of polygamous wives. The Schedule regulates the calculation of degrees of disablement and the calculation of allowance amounts.

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