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Act regarding safety and health of Federal Employees (B-BSG), amending the Civil Servants Employment Act 1979, the Contract Public Employees Act 1948, the Judicial Office Act, the Federal Staff Representation Act, the Maternity Protection Act 1979, and the Employment Protection Act.

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Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
Law, Act

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Comprehensive legislation on safety and health of federal employees. Divided into 10 parts. Part 1 contains general provisions respecting safety and health. Part 2 sets forth specific provisions concerning safety at the workplace. Parts 3 and 4 deal with potentially dangerous work instruments and substances. Part 5 provides for medical examination. Part 6 makes provision for certificates of competence, exposure to noise, protective equipment and special clothing. Part 7 deals with prevention, and Part 8 with work inspection.

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    Serial title
    Bundesgesetzblatt, Part I
    Page range
    pp. 575-627