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Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, [Chapter 10:27].

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General provisions; Human rights
Law, Act

Second Region

Comprehensive legislation on public's right to access to records and information held by public bodies. Part I contains general provisions. Part II regulates access to information, including modalities of request and response. Part III contains provisions regarding protected information. Part IV deals with information pertaining to third parties. Establishes requirement to notify third party if information concerned pertains to third party. Part V provides for collection, protection and retention of personal information, and Part VI for use and disclosure of personal information by public bodies. Part VII establishes Media and Information Commission, and regulates its functions and powers. Part VIII establishes Media and Information Fund. Parts IX and X deal with power of, and review by Commission. Part XI provides for regulation of Mass Media Services. Part XII deals with activities of journalists. Finally, Part XIII contains general provisions.

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    Serial title
    Official Gazette
    No. 5
    Page range
    pp. 139-182