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Guidelines for implementation of National Code on HIV/AIDS in employment (No. 78 of 1998).

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Equality of opportunity and treatment; Occupational safety and health; HIV/AIDS
Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

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Code represents integral part of Government's commitment to address most of the major issues related to the prevention of new HIV/AIDS infections, as well as to the provisions of optimal care and support for the workforce. Code applies to all current and prospective employees, all workplaces and contracts of employment, and all human resources practices forming part of policy component of any organization. Policy components of code focus on: education, awareness and prevention; job access; workplace testing and confidentiality; job status; HIV testing and training; managing illness and job security; occupational benefits; risk management, first aid and compensation; protection against victimisation; grievance handling; information; monitoring and review.

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    Government Gazette
    No. 1835