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Order of 6 February 2003 of the Minister of Infrastructure concerning occupational safety and health in performing construction works (Dz.U. z 2003 r. Nr 47, poz. 401).

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Occupational safety and health; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Rozporzadzenie Ministra Infrastruktury z dnia 6 lutego 2003 r. w sprawie bezpieczenstwa i higieny pracy podczas wykonywania robot budowlanych
Contains the following chapters: 1) General provisions, 2) Principles of preparing and performing construction works, 3) Building site management, 4) Social and health requirements, 5) Requirements regarding work places inside buildings and facilities subjected to renovation or transformation, 6) Electric installations and devices, 7) Machines and other technical devices, 8) Fixed and moving scaffolding, 9) Height works, 10) Ground works, 11) Staunching and drying works, 12) Brick and plaster works, 13) Carpentry, 14) Concrete reinforcement, 15) Assembling, 16) Welding, 17) Roofwork and cleading, 18) Demolition works, 19) Construction works performed using explosive material, 20) Final provisions.

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    Date of entry into force

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    Serial title
    Dziennik Ustaw
    No. 47
    Page range
    pp. 3104-3125