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Employment Accident Insurance Act (608/1948).

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Social security (general standards); Employment accident and occupational disease benefit
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Comprehensive legislation on employment accidents insurance. Divided into 8 parts Part 1 (s. 1-13) contains general provision. Part 2 (s. 14-28a) regulates accident compensation. Part 3 (s. 29-38d) makes provision for insurance institutions and legal relationships between these and policy-holders. Part 4 (s. 39-52) deals with application for, determination and payment of accident compensation. Part 5 (s. 53-54a) regulates appeals. Part 6 (s. 55-56a) contains penal provisions, Part 7 (s. 57-57a) provisions regarding voluntary insurance, and Part 8 (s. 58-67) miscellaneous provisions.

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