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Interministerial Decree No. 230 of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan on overtime work.

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Conditions of work; Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Decree issued in practical application of s. 53(2) of the Labour Code. A three-member committee in each work unit shall supervise payments for overtime. The Decree lays down the conditions for payment and method of calculating overtime hours. Overtime hours performed on holidays shall be remunerated at double the rate for regular hours, but it shall be prohibited to perform overtime work on certain holidays. The total payment for overtime work may not exceed the employee's monthly wage. Various provisions of the Decree cover officials, workers and service staff. Available in English.

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    Serial title
    Official Gazette
    No. 655-1366/18
    Page range
    pp. 27-37