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Regulation concerning protection of workers on ships against exposure to chemical agents (No. 21 of 2001).

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Seafarers; Seafarers - Occupational safety and health and welfare
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Provides for protection of safety and health of workers against hazards which are or may be caused by exposure to chemicals. Comprises 8 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-3) contains introductory provisions; Part 2 (s. 4-6) general provisions. Part 3 (s. 7-9) provides for records of substances and products, marking and packaging. Part 4 (s. 10-21) makes provision for measures to protect safety and health of workers. Part 5 (s. 22-23) deals with records and register providing information on exposure. Part 6 (s. 24-25) regulates measurements, limit values and administrative issues. Part 7 (s. 27-30) provides for training, information and cooperation. Part 8 (s. 29-30) contains concluding provisions.

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