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Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (No. 75, 1988).

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Social security (general standards); Specific categories of workers; Employment accident and occupational disease benefit; Public and civil servants
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Provides for rehabilitation of employees of Commonwealth and certain corporations and for workers' compensation for those employees, and for some related matters. Comprises 11 parts. Part 1 (s. 1-13A) contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 (s. 14-33) regulates compensation. Part 3 (s. 34-41A) deals with rehabilitation. Part 4 (s. 42-52A) provides for liabilities arising apart from this Act. Part 5 (s. 53-67) regulates claims for compensation. Part 6 (s. 60-67) makes provision for reconsideration and review of determinations. Part 7 (s. 68-97P) provides for administration and finance. Part 8 (s. 98A-108G) deals with licences to enable Commonwealth authorities and certain corporations to accept liability for, and/or manage, claims. Part 9 (s. 108-122) contains miscellaneous provisions. Part 10 (s. 123-139) contains transitional provisions and provides for consequential amendments and repeals. Part 11 (s. 140-161) provides for operation of Act in relation to certain defence-related injuries and deaths.

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