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Pension Reform Act (No. 2 of 2004)

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First Region

Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
Law, Act

Second Region

Provides for the establishment of a contributory pension scheme for employees. Separated into 14 parts.

Part I - Establishment and objectives of contributory pension scheme for employees in the public and private sectors;
Part II - Establishment and composition of the National Pension Commission, etc.;
Part III - Functions and Powers of the Commission;
Part IV - Staff of the Commission;
Part V - Financial Provisions;
Part VI - Transitional Provisions;
Part VII - Transitional Provisions for the Private Sector;
Part VIII - Pension Fund Administrators and Custodians;
Part VIX - Investment of Pension Fund;
Part X - Supervision and Examination:
Part XI - Offences, Penalties and Enforcement Powers;
Part XII - Dispute Resolution;
Part XIII - Legal Proceeding;
Part XIV - Miscellaneous Provisions.

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Serial region

    Serial title
    Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette
    Vol. 91
    No. 60
    Page range
    pp. 29-67