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Cabinet Regulation (No. 318 of 2000) on the requirements regarding the organising of work safety and health protection and the equipping of workplaces at construction sites.

Main Region

First Region

Occupational safety and health; Specific categories of workers; Construction workers; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

I. General provisions (1-5)
II. Project supervisor, appointment of co-ordinators, prior notice (6-14)
III. Project preparation and execution stages, duties of co-ordinators (15-17)
IV. Work safety and health protection plan (18-25)
V. Obligations of contractors (26-29)
VI. Minimum requirements regarding equipping of workplaces at construction sites (30-48)
VII. Additional minimum requirements for the organising of indoor workplaces (49-58)
VIII. Additional minimum requirements for equipping of outdoor workplaces (59-77)
IX. Obligations of other persons (78)
X. Closing provision (79)

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