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Act No. 561/2004 on preschool, primary, secondary, higher and other education (Education Act).

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Education, vocational guidance and training
Law, Act

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ZÁKON ze dne 24. září 2004 o předskolním, základním, středním, vyssím odborném a jiném vzdělávání (skolský zákon)
First Part: General provisions
Second Part: Preschool education
Third Part: Obligatory school attendance and primary education
Chapter I: Obligatory school attendance
Chapter II: Primary education
Fourth Part: Secondary education
Chapter I: Goals and levels of secondary education, eligibility, and its organization
Chapter II: Achievement of secondary education
Chapter III: Complementary education and short programmes in view of receiving a professional certificate or a maturity certificate.
Fifth part: Education in music
Sixth part: Higher specialized education
Chapter I: Goals and levels of higher specialized education, eligibility, its organization and achievements
Chapter II: Accreditation of education programmes
Seventh part: Recognition of education obtained abroad
Eighth part: Primary artistic, language and leisure education
Ninth part: Further education
Tenth part: School institutions and school services
Eleventh part: Material care, rewards for productive activity and payment for education and school services
Part twelve: School as legal entity
Part thirteen: School registry
Part fourteen: Financing of schools and school institutions from state budget
Part fifteen: Director of school and school institutions and school committees
Part sixteen: Ministries and Czech school inspection
Part seventeen: Competence of autonomous territorial entities in education
Part eighteen: Common, transitory, abrogatory and final provisions
Part nineteen: Entry in force

Repeals: 29/1984, 171/1990, 134/1993, 190/1993, 182/2003, 256/1994, 138/1995, 19/2000, 76/1978, 31/1984, 390/1991, 564/1990, 181/2003, 139/1995, 284/2002.

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