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Notification (No. 826 of 2005) of the Aliens' Act.

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Migrant workers
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Consolidated text with amendments contained in Act No. 429 of 2004, Act No. 324 of 2005, Act No. 402 of 2005 and Act No. 403 of 2005; contains 14 chapters covering, i.a., foreigners entry to and stay in Denmark (ch. 1), work (ch. 2), annulment and withdrawal of residence and work permits (ch. 3), expulsion (ch. 4), execution of final administrative decisions adopted by authorities in other Schengen countries etc. respecting the sending of an alien out of the country etc. (ch. 4a), refusal of entry into the country etc. (ch. 5), transfer etc. on the basis of EU asylum convention (ch. 5a), various rules concerning residence permit, expulsion etc. (ch. 6), control of a foreigner's entry, stay and departure etc. (ch. 7), exchange of information between competent authorities etc. (ch. 7a), rules on competence and appeal (ch. 8), transmission of information according to EU asylum convention and the Schengen-convention etc. (ch. 8a), penal sanctions (ch. 9) and entry into force and transitional rules (ch. 10).

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    Lovtidende A
    Vol. 123
    No. 826
    Page range
    pp. 5897-5950