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The Employment Zones (Amendment) Regulations 2006 (S.I. No. 1000).

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United Kingdom
Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Amends the Employment Zones Regulations 2003. Regulation 2 provides for references to "Employment Zones Regulations" to include the Employment Zones (Allocation to Contractors) Pilot Regulations 2006 (S.I. 2006/962), amends the definition of "New Deal for Young People programme" to include the Gateway to Work provision, amends regulation 2 and substitutes regulation 3. The amendments to regulation 2 provide for a jobseeker who does not have a fixed address to participate in the employment zone programme where the address for payment of his jobseeker's allowance is within an employment zone and makes provision for time previously spent on an employment zone programme to be taken into account. The substituted regulation 3 requires a jobseeker aged under 25 to have taken part in a New Deal for Young People programme before applying for early entry to an employment zone programme.

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