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Criminal Code (Act No. 25 of 1933).

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General provisions; Criminal and penal law
Law, Act

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Chapter I - Preliminary and Interpretation
Chapter II - Territorial Application of this Code
Chapter III - General Rules as to Criminal Responsibility
Chapter IV - Duties relating to the Preservation of Life and Health
Chapter V - Parties to Offences
Chapter VI - Punishments

DIVISION I: Offences against Public Order
Chapter VII - Treason and Other Offences against the Sovereign's Authority
Chapter VIII - Offences Affecting Relations with Foreign States and External Tranquillity
Chapter IX - Unlawful Assemblies, Riots and Other Offences Against Public Tranquillity
DIVISION II: Offences against the Administration of Lawful Authority
Chapter X - Corruption and the Abuse of Office
Chapter XI - Offences relating to the Administration of Justice
Chapter XII - Rescues and Escapes and Obstructing Officers of Court of Law
Chapter XIII - Miscellaneous Offences against Public Authority
DIVISION III: Offences Injurious to the Public in General
Chapter XIV - Offences Relating to Religion
Chapter XV - Offences against Morality
Chapter XVI - Offences relating to Marriage and Domestic Obligations
Chapter XVII - Nuisances and Offences against Health and Convenience
Chapter XVIII - Defamation
DIVISION IV: Offences against the Person
Chapter XIX - Murder and Manslaughter
Chapter XX - Infanticide and Child Destruction
Chapter XXI - Other Offences Connected with Murder and Suicide
Chapter XXII - Offences Endangering Life and Health
Chapter XXIII - Criminal Recklessness and Negligence
Chapter XIV - Assaults
Chapter XXV - Offences against Liberty
DIVISION V: Offences relating to Property
Chapter XXVI - Theft
Chapter XXVII - Offences Allied to Stealing
Chapter XXVIII - Robbery and Extortion
Chapter XXIX - Burglary, Housebreaking and Similar Offences
Chapter XXX - False Pretences
Chapter XXXI - Receiving Property Stolen or Unlawfully Obtained and Like Offences
Chapter XXXII - Frauds by Trustees and Persons in a Position of Trust, and False Accounting
DIVISION VI: Malicious Injuries to Property
Chapter XXXIII - Offences Causing Injury to Property
DIVISION VII: Forgery, Coining, Counterfeiting and Similar Offences
Chapter XXXIV - Definitions
Chapter XXXV - Punishment for Forgery
Chapter XXXVI - Offences relating to Coin
Chapter XXXVII - Counterfeit Stamps
Chapter XXXVIII - Personation
Chapter XXXIX - Secret Commissions and Corrupt Practices
DIVISION VIII: Attempts and conspiracies to Commit Crimes
Chapter XL - Attempts
Chapter XLI - Conspiracies

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