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Ports (Operations and Safety) Regulations 2005 (G.N. No. 52 of 2005).

Main Region

First Region

Dock workers; Occupational safety and health; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

Part I - Preliminary
Part II - Interpretation and Application
Part III - General
Part IV - Vessel Movements
Part V - Craft
Part VI - Loading, Discharging and Storage of Cargo
Part VII - Safety of Port Operations
Part VIII - Dangerous Goods
Part IX - Handling of Flammable Liquids in Bulk
Part X - Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Part XI - Explosives, Arms and Ammunition
Part XII - Conservancy, Pollution and Environmental Protection
Part XIII - Control of Port Premises and Land Traffic
Part XIV - Distress, Cyclones, Emergency and Safety Precautions
Part XV - Towing
Part XVI - General

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Electronic region

Serial region

    Serial title
    Legal Supplement to the Government Gazette of Mauritius
    No. 36
    Page range
    pp. 475-624