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Merchant Shipping Act, 2007 (No. 27 of 2007).

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Law, Act

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Part I - Administration of the Act
Part II - Restriction on Trading in Nigeria
Part III - Registration and Licensing of Ships
Part IV - Mortgages
Part V - Certifications of Sale
Part VI - Maritime Liens
Part VII - Transfers and Transmissions
Part VIII - Certificate of Competency of Masters and Crew
Part IX - Employment of Seamen
Part X - Welfare of Seamen
Part XI - Registers
Part XII - Safety of Life at Sea
Part XIII - Construction of Ships
Part XIV - Radio Rules
Part XV - Safety Provisions for Miscellaneous Vessels
Part XVI - Safety of Navigation
Part XVII - Unseaworthy ships
Part XVIII - Load Lines
Part XIX - Carriage of Bulk Cargoes
Part XX - Dangerous Goods
Part XXI - Tonnage Measurement
Part XXII - Passenger Ships
Part XXIII - Prevention of Pollution from Ships
Part XXIV - Liability in Collision Cases
Part XXV - Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
Part XXVI - Wrecks
Part XXVII - Assistance and Salvage of Vessels
Part XXVIII - Legal Proceedings
Part XXIX - Investigations and Inquiries into Shipping Casualties
Part XXX - Subsidiary Legislation
Part XXXI - Repeals and Transitional [Repeals the Merchant Shipping Act, 1990]

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    Monograph title
    Merchant Shipping Act 2007
    Nigerian Maritime Adminsitration and Saety Agency (NIMASA)
    Abujapep Editions Ltd.
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    143 p.