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Decision No. 07/2008/QD-TTg approving the national target program on education and training up to 2010.

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First Region

Viet Nam
Education, vocational guidance and training
Miscellaneous (circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.)

Second Region

Approves the national target program on education and trianing up to 2010. The prgram covers seven projects which include the training of information technology (IT) personnel and introducation of IT into schools; training and retraining of teachers, lecturers and educational administrators; support for education in mountain, ethnic minority and difficulty hit areas; enhancement of vocational training capacity.

Serial region

    Serial title
    Official Gazette (English Translation of Công Báo), Viet Nam Law and Legal Forum
    Issues Nos. 08-10/January 2008
    Page range
    pp. 29-35