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Regulations on Paid Annual Leave of Employees (State Council of the PRC Order No. 514) (12-660).

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Conditions of work; Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Article 1 - States the aim of the regulations
Article 2 - All employees as defined in the regulations, who have continuously worked with their employer for more than one year shall be entitled to paid annual leave.
Article 3 - Lists the number of days employees are entitled to. This depends on the number of years worked (e.g. if employee has worked less than 10 years cumulatively, they are entitled to 5 days, if more than 20, they are entitled to 15 days).
Article 4 - Lists the circumstances under which employees are not entitled to paid annual leave.
Article 5 - Employers are to plan annual leave according to actual production and work status taking into account the personal preferences of the respective employees.
Article 6 - The personnel department and labour and social security department of local people's governments at county level or above are to supervise the implementation of these regulations.
Article 7 - Penalities for violation of the regulations.
Article 8 - Dispute settlement
Article 9 - Implementation
Article 10 - Coming into force

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    China Laws for Foreign Business - Business Regulation
    No. 145
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    pp. 16,061-101 - 16,061-103